The Fourfold Gospel, REV. A. B. SIMPSON, D.D. 1890


The title of this little volume, “The FourFold Gospel,” has been a familiar phrase to
thousands of God’s children during the past forty years. Not that the truths contained in
the statement were unknown before, but the grouping of them in this form was given to
Dr. A. B. Simpson after he had happily experienced the fulness of the Gospel in his own

This does not mean that the blessings of the Gospel are limited exclusively to four-Christ
our Saviour, Christ our Sanctifier, Christ our Healer, and Christ our Coming Lord. In one
sense it is a manifold Gospel with countless blessings and ever deeper and richer
experiences of God’s grace and love. “But there are four messages in the Gospel,” says
the author, “which sum up in a very complete way the blessings which Christ has to offer
us and which it is especially important that Christians should emphasize today.” These
constitute four great pillars in the temple of truth.

Note the order of these great truths. First things first-Christ our Saviour. Rightly, the first
has to do with the soul, lost through sin and estrangement from God, but “made nigh by
the blood of Christ.” It is no small thing to be saved-justified, forgiven, born again. This
foundation truth needs to be reiterated in these days, when sin is minimized or explained
away, and the atonement of Jesus Christ is rejected by many. The same is true of
Sanctification-a word and experience misunderstood and evaded by many believers. It
marks a definite and distinct crisis in the history of a soul. The unfolding of these four
phases of the Gospel will be made fascinatingly clear to the reader of this book. It is well
worthy of thoughtful and prayerful study, and best of all of appropriating the full-orbed
message-the all-sufficient Christ for spirit, soul, and body.

Dr. Simpson proved this in his own life; otherwise, his preaching would have been in
vain, the Christian and Missionary Alliance would not have come into existence, and
multiplied thousands of people the world around would have been deprived of the
knowledge and experience of a complete Christ. Addressing an audience in London many
years ago, Dr. Simpson related the following experiences which marked three great
epochs in his life: “Some twenty-seven years ago, I foundered for ten months. in the
waters of despondency, and I got out of them just by believing in Jesus as my Saviour.
About twelve years ago I got into another deep experience of conviction, and I got out of
that by believing in Jesus as my Sanctifier. After years of teaching and waiting on Him,
the Lord Jesus Christ showed me four years ago that it was His blessed will to be my
complete Saviour for body as well as soul.”

This exposition of “The Four-Fold Gospel” has had a very large circulation in past years,
and in this new and attractive form we are confident it will be in great demand. Nothing
better, outside of the Bible, could be put in the hands of converts. One of our evangelists
in the earlier years of the work used hundreds of them in that way with marked results.

The message is simple, Scriptural, and satisfying. The Church needs it as antidote to error
and apostasy, a sure remedy for failure, an answer to the cry of hungry hearts, a source of
health for the body and an inspiration to complete the witness and bring back the King.


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