The Path Of Prayer, Samuel Chadwick


These chapters were written as devotional meditations for Joyful News. They are
published in book form because of the importunity and persistence of those to whom they were
made a blessing. They were never intended for a book. This explains the homely and practical
intimacy of the articles. They were not written for critics nor for scholars, but for plain people
who are deeply religious and sincerely simple in their trust. Hundreds of these readers wrote me
grateful letters and begged that the articles should be put into a book. In the glow of their
appreciation I promised that they should, and then became shy of my promise. If they had been
written for a book, then approach and treatment would have been different, but they might have lost
the artlessness of a simple purpose. They are sent forth in the form in which it pleased God to
bless them. No one can be more conscious of their limitations than myself. Of one thing I am
confident: I have written out of an honest heart, that has sought above all things to be effectual in
the communion and ministry of prayer, and to which there has come no greater joy than the
fellowship of the inner sanctuary.

I have no knowledge of the sources to which I have been indebted. I have nothing that I
have not received, but I have kept no commonplace book and have quoted sparingly. For more than
fifty years I have read in every School of Prayer, and especially in the devotional literature of the
mystics, and the Discipline of Religious Orders; but I have written out of the experience of my own
prayer life, in the hope that what has helped me may be helpful to others.

The one book I would like to mention is Alexander Whyte’s Lord, Teach Us to Pray, but
with him I owe more to the spoken and often incidental words than to anything he wrote.

I am deeply indebted to my colleague, the Rev. J. I. Brice, without whose persistent
patience and enthusiastic toil the book would never have been published.


Chapter 1: The Sign of Prayer

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