“Though we cannot think alike may we not love alike?” John Wesley

“Sonny, I want to love God more than anyone else in my generation.” A. W. Tozer

“A dead Christ I must do everything for; a living Christ does everything for me.” Andrew Murray

“Resolution One: I will live for God. Resolution Two: If no one else does, I still will.” Jonathan Edwards

“Lord, whatever you want, wherever you want it, and whenever you want it, that’s what I want.” Richard Baxter

“May God so fill us today with the heart of Christ that we may glow with the divine fire of holy desire.” A. B. Simpson

“The neglected heart will soon be a heart overrun with worldly thoughts; the neglected life will soon become a moral chaos.” A.W. Tozer

“We are here not as earthly men desiring to go to Heaven, but as heavenly men sent back to earth to witness for our Lord.” J. G. Mantle

“You cannot love the Father and the world at the same time because love for the Father is a commitment to please Him.” Paris Reidhead

“We might be wise to follow the insight of the enraptured heart rather than the more cautious reasoning of the theological mind.” A.W. Tozer,

“In the Bible…wisdom is living in the light of consequences, it’s acting with eternities values in view.” A. W. Tozer, He Has Spoken To Us By His Son, sermon

“We ought not to be weary of doing little things for the love of God, who regards not the greatness of the work, but the love with which it is performed.” Brother Lawrence

“Where,oh,where are the eternity-conscious believers? Where are the souls white-hot for God because they fear His holy name and presence and so live with eternity’s values in view?” Leonard Ravenhill

“Say to God, “Father, here am I for You to work in me as much of Christ’s likeness as I am able to receive.” Then wait to hear Him say, “My child, I give you as much of Christ as your heart is open to receive.” Andrew Murray

“Anything that dims my vision for Christ, or takes away my taste for Bible study, or cramps me in my prayer life, or makes Christian work difficult, is wrong for me; and I must, as a Christian turn away from it.” J Wilbur Chapman,

“I never use the word wish. Years ago I quit it. If it ever breaks down in any speech or preaching it’s only a colloquialism. I never mean it. Wish is something I never use. If God wants me to have it I’ll pray for it. If He doesn’t want me to have it, I don’t want it.” A. W. Tozer, The Deeper Life, pt 2, sermon

“Whoever seeks God as a means toward desired ends will not find God. God will not be one of many treasures. His mercy and grace are infinite and His patient understanding is beyond measure, but He will not aid men in selfish striving after personal gain. If we love God as much as we should, surely we cannot dream of a loved object beyond Him which He might help us to obtain!” A. W. Tozer

“We must devote, not only times and places to prayer, but be everywhere in the spirit of devotion; with hearts always set toward heaven, looking up to God in all our actions, and doing every thing as His servants; living in the world as in a holy temple of God, and always worshiping Him, though not with our lips, yet with the thankfulness of our hearts, the holiness of our actions and the pious and charitable use of all His gifts.” William Law

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